‘Quantico’ Season 2 Cancellation News & Spoilers: ABC Axes Series Due To Low Ratings?

"Quantico" Season 2 is nearing its midseason finale and spoilers are hinting on a shocking ending to the Priyanka Chopra-led series. With the show continuing to drop in the ratings, will ABC cancel the show?

This article contains spoilers. Read on if you want to learn more about the details of this story.

"Quantico" Season 2 cancellation news reveals that the ratings for the ABC drama continue to drop since it premiered its second season on TV. According to TV Series Finale, the show is averaging 0.76 rating in the 18-49 demographics this season.

This is 38.94 percent lower than the first season's ratings. This means that "Quantico" Season 2 may serve as the series finale unless the show's ratings pick up in the remaining episodes of the series.

The only positive thing about "Quantico" Season 2 is that ratings increased in the penultimate episode that aired last week. This means that there is still a chance for the show's renewal if the pace and plot will attract viewers to return to watching the show.

"Quantico" Season 2 spoilers reveal that the finale episode will feature "the most shocking betrayal of them all," reports Hypable. This means that the Priyanka Chopra-led series may finally reveal who was involved in the scheme.

There are speculations that Ryan will be revealed as the traitor in "Quantico" Season 2. However, there are also theories that Nimah or Will are the ones behind it.

The first season of "Quantico" already revealed the identity of the person behind the second terrorist attack. However, the real terrorist was not exposed, just the person who was involved in it - Elias.

"Quantico" Season 2 finale airs next week on ABC.

Do you think "Quantico" Season 2 will be the final season on ABC since the show will be revealing the identity of the terrorist? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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