‘Titanfall 2’ News Update: Gameplay Experience Is More Important Than Visuals Says Developer

By Bruce Berkowitz, Parent Herald November 22, 08:10 am

One of the top video game developers in the industry has stated that excellent gameplay is more significant than impressive visuals according to the new "Titanfall 2" news update. The key point of all video games is to deliver fun gameplay, for which many consumers are willing to pay for.

Respawn Inc. CEO Vince Zampella said that the "Titanfall 2" development team concentrated on delivering an amazing gameplay experience above everything else. Putting more lines and pixels on the TV screen is only secondary when compared to how the video game feels when gamers play.

Zampella also mentioned that visual fidelity needs to be sacrificed sometimes to deliver the right gameplay experience as reported in the new "Titanfall 2" news update. The developers have pointed out that the game has to be a lot of fun to play and it has to feel right to make the player feel good with the overall experience.

"Titanfall 2" is like a "Star Wars" third-person video game where it's more about the storyline and characters. Players can connect with different personas across the game's story and it would feel right and would be fun to play at the same time.

Respawn was established by Vince Zampella and Jason West who both worked for Activision, the company that produced the "Call of Duty" series. Many critics have mentioned that "Titanfall 2" has a parallel likeness with the "Call of Duty" series especially when it comes to the action sequences as stated in the new "Titanfall 2" news update.

The "Titanfall 2" game also has an improved multiplayer mode that includes bounty hunt, last titan standing, domination, team deathmatch, and capture the flag. In the new bounty hunt mode, players must kill enemies to get cash rewards or hunt down bounties. It's a commendable addition to "Titanfall 2" and gives new excitement to the standard multiplayer options in most action shooters.

What do you think of the gameplay experience in "Titanfall 2"? Share your comments below.

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