Here's What Dad Did For His Daughter Who Has a Cochlear Implant [Video]

By Staff Reporter, Parent Herald August 07, 09:00 am

One of the sweetest things a dad can do for his daughter is letting her know that he always got her back. After all, dads are their daughters' first man and daughters will remain to be their dads' princesses.

A father from Taupo Town District, New Zealand shows his support to hearing impaired daughter by getting a cochlear implant tattoo that matches hers. Alistair Campbell's six-year-old daughter, Charlotte, was diagnosed as profoundly deaf in her left ear, according to Metro. The little girl could not hear anything without an implant.

Campbell did not want to make Charlotte feel that she was, in any way, different from them; so a day before her operation, he surprised her with a cochlear implant tattoo on his bald head. Campbell said, "Charlotte's journey has been quite a hard journey for her and for us. The tattoo was a tribute — this was all about her, not me," reported.

Many were impressed with Alistair's dedication and support for his daughter. Their photo was shared several times on Facebook and other social media outlets. One tweeter user said:

As for Charlotte, she found it cool and even cheked the other side of her father's head for a second implant. "We have a close father-daughter bond, and I thought it would be quite fitting for me to do that," the father reveals. "As she grows older, she'll understand the love behind it."

According to the family, Charlotte got her first implant when she was four years old and the child's confidence boosted after the operation. She used to be an introvert, but after having her first implant, she became the life of the party, her mom, Anita Campbell revealed to

The family likened her case to a stereo with a single speaker. With a second implant, Charlotte's hearing ability will surely improve.

For those wondering how a cochlear implant works, Advanced Bionics posted a short video detailing the process. 

The Hearing House in Auckland, a charity for children with hearing impairment, commended Campbell's tattoo as a great way to showcase the effect of cochlear implants. As for Charlotte's case, the charity's spokeswoman, Mary Jane Boland, said, "Charlotte has been coming to the Hearing House for a couple of years now, and she's made great progress."

Alistair will be fighting for a charity boxing match on December as part of the Zero Risk King of the Ring to raise funds for his own charity, HEAR 4 KIDZ TRUST, which supports local kids from Taupo with hearing disabilities.

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