California Woman Carries, Gives Birth To Own Grandson! Daughter ‘Totally’ Weirded Out

By Olivia Reese, Parent Herald November 23, 04:00 am

A woman in California gave birth to her own grandson for her daughter who can't bear a child. Megan Barker of Chico, California gave birth to a 7-pound, 7-ounce healthy baby boy on Oct. 22.

Barker's daughter, 24-year-old Maddie Coleman, first discovered that she has a disorder in her uterus and cervix when she was just 14 years old, People reported. The disorder made Coleman unable to carry a child.

Both devastated about the news, Barker and Coleman "cried and held each other" after the appointment. In that moment, Barker told Coleman that she'd be glad to carry her daughter's baby when she "get older and want a child."

At the time, Coleman thought of her mother's offer as "totally weird" but things changed last year when a tumor connected to her disorder was found in Coleman's ovary. The ovary was removed via surgery in June 2016 but it also sent Coleman into an early menopause.

Coleman was advised by doctors to undergo fertility treatment for her menopause. She also had her eggs frozen and rethought her mom's offer a decade ago alongside her husband, Tyler Coleman.

Coleman recounted that she and her husband first considered surrogacy but it became out of the question because of its expensive price. She admitted that the idea of her mom carrying her own grandson was "a bit weird" and it took some time to understand but she "was mostly excited and so grateful."

When Coleman propositioned the idea to Barker, the latter instantly agreed. Barker told People that she knew how important motherhood is for Coleman and she was "fortunate" to be given the opportunity and "that the IVF worked the first time." Barker acknowledged that there are other options such as adoption but she insisted that a biological baby is still possible for the Colemans.

Barker got pregnant via in vitro fertilization in March 2016. Coleman admitted that she planned to have children five years from now, but her mother's health and viability could get compromised if she waited that long so she decided to do the procedure this year.

Barker said that seeing the Coleman couple holding their son, Gus Wyatt, is "the greatest reward." She described the pregnancy as "the best experience" of her life, adding that she did not have emotional challenges in the process but simply felt as the "deluxe easy-bake oven," KRCR reported.

The Coleman couple, meanwhile, was overjoyed and is eternally thankful for the gift. Check out another story of a woman giving birth to her own grandchild below.

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