'This Is Us' Thanksgiving Episode Spoilers: Creator Dan Fogelman Reveals It Will Be Explosive, Secrets Will Be Revealed, Questions Will Be Answered

By Chiara Leghler, Parent Herald November 23, 05:37 am

"This Is Us" Thanksgiving episode will reportedly be explosive as many secrets will be revealed and many questions will be answered regarding the storylines that have been presented in the past episodes. "This Is Us" Thanksgiving episode will be bringing the family together in present day.

"This Is Us" series creator, Dan Fogelman, said in a statement that the Thanksgiving episode will be explosive because questions will be answered quickly as the family reunites. He added, "Toby [Chris Sullivan] and Kate [Chrissy Metz] and their issues with food, all the way through Randall and Rebecca and the secret of this family - all come to a head in a certain degree." He pointed out that at some points, the "This Is Us" Thanksgiving episode will be funny and he is proud of what they have come up with.

In the recent episode entitled "The Best Washing Machine in the World," it was found out by the wife of Randall, Beth, that his biological father, William, knew his adoptive other, Rebecca, all this time. William asked Beth not to tell Randall the truth because it would destroy the relationship of the adoptive mother and adoptive son. Rebecca did tell Randall that she did not know who his biological father is, Entertainment Tonight reported.

It was seen on the past episode of "This Is Us" that Beth left a voicemail for Rebecca. Viewers are now asking when Randall will find out about the truth and who will be delivering the unpleasant news to him. This might be answered in the "This Is Us" Thanksgiving episode entitled "Pilgrim Rick."

As for the other characters, Toby and Kate's differences when it comes to their diet will once again come into play during the "This Is Us" Thanksgiving episode. The two have had conflict in the past episode of "This Is Us" due to their issues with food and it will reportedly be a powerful and significant element to the storyline of the "This Is Us" Thanksgiving episode.

Chrissy Metz also said in a recent interview with E! News that the relationship of Rebecca and Kate might be shown since they do not have the best mother-daughter bond. She pointed out that the two love each other but they do not always understand each other.

This will also be the first time that the cast will be in the same area except for Jack. It is yet to be seen if the family would still want to be in the same room with the other characters in the "This Is Us" Thanksgiving episode.

"This Is Us" airs Tuesdays on NBC at 9 P.M.

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