Recognize The Early Signs Of Autism Through This New Discovery

In this generation, we can adhere that smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices have governed to the children, without it in their lives can be so dull; and by that their relationship with their families can be affected because they can't resist the urge of themselves in always playing video games, watching YouTube videos, scrolling up and down in Facebook. Other reason would be because the families don't have special bonding time together so the child can acquire autism in a way and also it could be because of genetic predisposition. So these group of scientists together with Kun Woo Chuwho took action to help the parents to determine if their kids have this condition or disorder which causes problems in forming relationships and in communicating with other people through the smartphone application.

"The brain continues to grow and develop after birth. The earlier the diagnosis, the better. Then we can inform families and begin therapies, which will improve symptoms and outcome." assistant pediatrics professor Michelle Hartley-McAndrew said as cited on Autism Speaks.

Treatments to this problem should be detected at the early age for it to be handled properly by the time it was diagnosed and for the parents to know also what to do with this condition with their children according to a post on Health Tips. As many people says, "Prevention is better than cure." It is best for parents to prevent it in the long run rather than to cure it for a short time but then it is already worse.

Autism can later become the problem of the children in their future, when they are in their lives, when they will be independent, when they will feel and see the real world; that is why it is better that the parents will be aware of this application that has been developed by the people behind IEEE Wireless Health Conference specifically, Kun Woo Chu et al. Also autism can be prevented by having bonding time with your children even in your hectic schedule, have time for them, just like what God the Father did to us; He makes time for us, and He is just waiting for us to have time with Him.

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