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Mother Gets Told Her Kid With Autism Shouldn't Be In Public: Here's Her Response

Family Life  22 June '18

Mother Gets Told Her Kid With Autism Shouldn't Be In Public: Here's Her Response

Ashley Wright did what any loving mother would do and defended her autistic son from a man who shamed them in public. The mom said her son does not ruin society and deserves social interaction.

Issues  3 May '17

Autism Awareness: 'Amazing Things Happen' Video Helps Children Understand Autism Better [WATCH]

Alex Amelines, an animator from the U.K., created the video and encouraged parents and teachers to watch this with their kids.

After An Autism Diagnosis

Autism  29 March '17

Autism Awareness: What Should Parents Do Next If Their Child Is Diagnosed With Autism Spectrum Disorder?

An autism diagnosis is a good thing because then parents know what they must do to help their child with autism spectrum disorder.

Images of Einstein's brain revealed

Autism  28 February '17

Autism And Evolution: Study Finds Links Between Autism, Evolutionary Gene Selection To Make Humans Smarter

Certain human genes that are supposed to help with brain power exist in higher numbers among people with autism.

Families Who Deal With Autism Struggle To Find The Perfect Place Where They Can Raise A Child With Autism

Autism  3 February '17

Autism Challenge: How To Survive In America’s Small Towns

The best American towns for those under the autism spectrum are Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston and New York.

Russian Troops Ordered To Withdraw Following Conflict With Georgia

Autism  20 January '17

Scientists Learn Why Children With Autism Avoid Eye Contact; It's Not About Disinterest Nor Anxiety

The experts hope their findings will help provide for better therapies for the kids and their families.

Autism spectrum portrayed in movies

Autism  27 December '16

How Autism Is Depicted In Movies

Autism has been depicted in various movies but most portray the person who belongs to the autism spectrum as someone with extraordinary capabilities, a savant, or other qualities not possessed by the majority of those with the condition.

Yellow Ladybugs Help Girls With Autism Socialize

Autism  22 December '16

Less Known Possible Markers For Children With Autism

The growth rate of autism in the population is growing fast. This mental disorder is present from early childhood that could hinder the mind development of those affected with this ailment. This is why some studies tried to detect common symptoms of autistic people and involved children whose condition was confirmed to have autism.

Treatments of Autism Discovered

Autism  4 December '16

New Treatments Of Autism

New discoveries were made by several studies to enhance the treatment of the behavior of the people with autism. One study suggests to us FMRI or the functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging to be able to identify the children who could best respond to the Pivotal Response Treatment. This study is published in the journal Translational Psychiatry. Another study found out that oxytocin is needed to increase social motivation by supporting neural networks related to social behavior.

Autism Awareness in Somali

Autism  3 December '16

Somali Community Autism Awareness

Autism won't be any more common among Somali-legacy children in Minneapolis than it is among white kids in the city. However, the seriousness of the formative issue seems harsher in this minority bunch. Six-year-old Anas Ahmed could scarcely be contained as he rushed over his playroom. Of Maria Ahmed's has four youngsters, two boys, and two girls. Both of her sons — Anas and his eight-year-old sibling, Ayub — have an autism range issue. While Ayub's condition has enhanced with age, Anas keeps on battling with autism.

Mom Shares How She Found Light In Becoming A Parent Of A Child With Special Needs

Autism  1 December '16

Mom Shares How She Found Light In Becoming A Parent Of A Child With Special Needs

Parenting is overwhelming--more so when one has a child with autism--which is why this mom shares how she found worth in rearing a kid with special needs.

How To Detect Autism Early

Autism  27 November '16

Detecting Early Signs of Autism Using a Smartphone App

A smart phone app that makes it easier for moms and dads to discover early signs of autism in their children was designed by an undergraduate student who teamed up with group of scientists.

Why Autism Is Us

Autism  27 November '16

This Is Asperger's Syndrome Advanctages And Difficulties

This is the first time a comedy team has emerged in the autism spectrum and they are ‘Asperger’s Are Us.’

 14- year old Ben Has a blue Tommee Tippee

Autism  26 November '16

Ben’s Cup Sparked Responses Around the World

A post on Twitter by Marc Carter from Devon is about his 14- year old son Ben, that has a blue Tommee Tippee two-handed cup that he used for drinking since he was two years old. His son has an autism and only drink from a particular cup that was no longer manufactured.

The Final Stage Of Man

Autism  26 November '16

Human Evolutionary Success and Autism’s Contributing Factors

Autism has been a great part of humanity’s evolutionary success and it’s history goes back from about a hundred thousand years ago. This abnormality has long since been a great contributor to our success today.

Child Prodigy

Autism  26 November '16

How Determination Led This Person With Autism Towards Great Sucess

A man with a heart of a lion. A man so determined he became what he ought to be.

Eye Contact And Autism

Autism  25 November '16

Autism: The ReasonWhy Young Children Fails To Give Eye Contact

When autistic toddlers fail to look at other people’s eyes, it doesn’t really mean they dislike it as shown in the new eye-tracking measures. But rather they just fail to acknowledge the importance of the message conveyed in other people’s eyes.

A Different View on Autism

Autism  25 November '16

Young Adults’ Journey Having Autism Spectrum

Autism is a disorder that begins in childhood that causes problems in forming relationships and in commuting with other people. Western Kentucky aid to help students with ASD with their program Kelly Autism Program for them to enhance their social and communicating skills.

Early Detection of Autism

Autism  23 November '16

Recognize The Early Signs Of Autism Through This New Discovery

Last October 25-27, 2016, there was an IEEE Wireless Health Conference held in Bethesda, Maryland. An undergraduate student from the State University of New York at Buffalo, Kun Woo Chu together with other scientists in the particular event have gathered papers about the smartphone application made to benefit the parents and especially their kids.

Autism Endorsement, an Offer From Dalton State

Autism  23 November '16

Autism Endorsement , An Offer From Dalton State

Certain State’s School of Education in Dalton is planning to offer an endorsement of autism spectrum disorders. This was approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. This support is designed to help those working with children on the autistic spectrum.

New Study About Autism

Autism  22 November '16

DNA Methylation: Treatment Towards Autism?

Back in 2014, research suggests that hundreds of gene mutations have the greatest probability of a risk that a certain child will have autism. Past researchers have linked mutations in a particular gene to what appears to be a distinct subtype of autism. They have gone through many testing about Autism Spectrum Disorder which is thought to result from disordered neurodevelopment, although the precise ethology is unknown.

Research Conducted in Yale University May Help Identify Autism Treatments

SPED Kids  20 November '16

Yale Study May Help Identify Treatments for People With Autism

This article is about the Yale University doing research about how to treat autism in the fastest and convenient way possible. The researchers used the way of how a child’s brain works for the different treatment given to them.

Autism Awareness

SPED Kids  19 November '16

Autistic Women Unlock The Secret Behind Autism

We commonly see this mental condition called “autism” to males, for women has a protective factor in terms of this disorder.

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