How Music Lessons Can Help In Treating Autism And ADHD

Music is soothing and at times when people feel emotionally overwhelmed, listening to their favorite songs can be relaxing. It is actually strange that music plays a very important role in our lives in the form of songs, soundtracks, jingles and lullabies.

Scientific studies show that music is actually good for the mind. News-Medical reports experts' views on music, saying studies prove that music enhances fiber connections in the brain and helps with neurological disorders such as Autism and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Mexico City Hospital chief radiologist Dr. Pilar Dies-Suarez shed light on the study findings and expressed that it was an observation from earlier experiences that music has the ability to help generate fiber connection in the brain. But now that it's clear, the effectivity of music on the changes in the brain can be measured better.

In an experiment, healthy children aged five to six years were given musical training wherein the before and after effects were monitored with a special MRI called DTI (Diffusion tenser imaging). DTI can detect the most tiniest changes in the brain's white matter.

Dr. Suarez said that musical training on the brains, which have no previous sensory perception, can actually stimulate the development of the brain. The brain's white matter comprises millions of nerve fibers that act like cables in the networking of brain's different regions.

Daily Mail also supports the study and states that children who learn music in their younger age have a bigger possibility of better brain development. Over the course of time, with the growth of the brain, the cognitive abilities in different areas also matures, musical skills clearly help the most according to the DTI scans of the children participated in the experiment to record musical training post effects. The fibers in the brain showed visible improvements.

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