Ben’s Cup Sparked Responses Around the World

Ben having autism doesn't drink without using the particular blue Tommee Tippee cup. He only drinks inside the house. He had a severe dehydration and had been to a two emergency trips to the Accident and Emergency Department.

Years ago, Mr. Carter managed to find a replacement, but it's now wearing out and may only last for a week. They are anxious that they won't be able to find a similar cup.

The Tommee Tippee Company responded to the post of Mr. Carter and said that the cup is an old model and they no longer have the production tools needed to make that specific blue cup. Mr.Carter and his family tried the replacements- those select and new models produced by the Tommee Tippee Company - but Ben throws it away, looking for his particular blue cup. They are all worried about what will happen if they can't find another similar cup as this will affect Ben's health.

Mr. Carter posted as @GrumpyCarer in Twitter, looking for people who has a similar cup and offered to pay for it. He even showed pictures of the cup hoping that the people will find something similar in their home. Others suggested that the cup could be made using a 3D printer if he is going to provide a cup to be copied.

According to BBC News, ITV News, Distractify, and The Sun, in just 24 hours, the post got many retweets and lots of people offering their cups for Ben. The post was shared on social media 12,000 times and more. Ben's story touched a lot of individuals.

The company itself, Tommee Tippee, helped in searching for the specific cup and offered free postage on their Facebook page. Their team is currently looking for all their products just to see if they still have one that is just right for Ben.

Mr. Carter said that more cups is needed as to sustain the rest of Ben's life and that he is indeed grateful for the help offered by people across the globe. Mr. Carter together with his family were shocked at how the people, even strangers, were willing to help. He showed his gratitude for helping his family and for giving Ben the chance to have more cups which is crucial to his life.

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