'Secret Life Of 4 Year Olds' Feature Newly-Weds Layton & Orlagh: Married Life Never Looked As Hilarious!

By Olivia Marithe Spencer, Parent Herald November 26, 06:59 am

For most, marriage sounds like a frightening thing, to the point that some people choose to delay tying the knot. But with these four-year-olds playing as newly married couple for a time, it appears that marriage is not that overwhelming at all. Little Mr. and Mrs. in "Secret Life of 4 Year Olds" shared what they knew about being espoused and marriage has never looked this cuter!

As posted in Channel 4 website, Layton saw the beautiful fellow redhead, Orlagh, sparks flew and the two decided to get married. Orlagh invited her "darling" fiancé and urged him to hurry up so that they can catch the boat to the church and get married during lunch break.

For the two tots of "Secret Life of 4 Year Olds", being married is getting the opportunity to live together and even kiss and cuddle together. Orlagh is also aware of the repercussions of being married as told her fiancé that he has to live with her.

Layton gasped and seemed to question his fiancée's offer. Eventually, he thought of a bargain and asked if she can do visits to her mummy.

All throughout their lunch break, the couple marched with their entourage members. Daily Mail said that they even wore matching crowns, with Orlagh donning a pink veil on top of her head.

After the break is over, Layton and Orlagh were still unmarried but decided to continue with the pretend play. The redhead boy asked Orlagh to sit next to him and his fiancée happily obliged.

Just when the two became married quickly, Orlagh tried to give her new husband a kiss. Layton shrugged off his wife and reminded her that he had a "coleslaw," a mix-up of what could be cold sore.

"Remember, you've got a coleslaw, don't kiss tonight because you've got a coleslaw," Layton said. As the ginger boy saw how dismayed her wife looked upon rejection, Layton tried to give a subtle offer.

Instead of a kiss, the husband thought of cuddling. But to no avail, the marriage was still not sealed as Orlagh said "coleslaws" are contagious even through cuddling. Nonetheless, the "Secret Life of 4 Year Olds" marriage was capped off through Abba songs.

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