Detecting Early Signs of Autism Using a Smartphone App

Kun Woo Cho, an undergraduate student, from the University of New York, teamed up with scientists and worked on a project on tools that could discover early signs of autism in children aged as young as two years old.

The app was developed and can be used on a computer, tablet or smartphone. They were so focused on having the app designed because of how the brain continues to grow and develop after birth and that the earlier diagnosis, the better so that we can tell families and start treatments which will help improve symptoms and result, as what the assistant pediatrics professor Michelle Hartley-McAndrew said as cited on Inquisitr.

The app can discover early signs of autism by scanning how the child moves his/her eyes. A study conducted by CDC ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) showed that kids with autism would process pictures differently than children without autism because kids with autism have a difficult time interpreting pictures of a social setting

Kun Woo Cho and his team feel very positive about the smartphone app, and they think that the moms and dads will like the app because of its well-structured methods rather than other methods that are presently being used. In detecting early signs of autism in young kids, the smartphone app was 93.96% satisfied and the smartphone app was designed to take less than a minute to scan a child's eye movements.


Even though some would agree that the app is successful, Kun Woo Cho and his team are still trying to overcome challenges that would make the app better and efficient. The whole team, however, is positive that the app would make moms and dads detect whether or not a child has autism or not.

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