Is Your Child A Psychopath: Early Warning Signs of Psychopathy In Children As Young As 3

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald November 27, 06:03 am

It's been an ongoing debate among health care experts and psychologists if children can be diagnosed as a psychopath in their early years. Though it may seem challenging to label a child with psychopathy, it was mentioned that children, as young as two can actually be diagnosed as a psychopath.

Psychopathy among children may be hard to identify, but experts reveal that children as young as two can actually be diagnosed with psychopathic tendencies. Contrary to what was previously speculated where it was mentioned that one's personality constantly change, a research done by Rebecca Waller and her team from the University of Michigan suggest that early signs of a psychopathy can be detected as early as two-years-old.

What Are The Common Signs of Psychopathic Tendencies?

Psychology Today noted the common signs of psychopathic tendencies among children where it was mentioned that one of the most common symptoms is bullying. Aside from bullying other children, a child with psychopathic tendencies also has the capability to hurt and abuse animals, and possess violent hostile actions, and commit petty theft.

News Week then added additional warning signs where it was mentioned that a child's flat affect and calloused, unemotional tendencies need to be observed. Children who show no empathy towards others needs to be given extra attention as well.

Should Parents Worry?

If the warning signs are all present, it is best to take the child into a health care professional, such us a child psychologist to have the child properly assessed. Speculations are very tricky and can cause damage when it comes to attending to a child's mental health.

Five Important Details Listed By Rebecca Waller and Her Team Are:

1. The child doesn't seem guilty after misbehaving.

2. Punishment doesn't change behavior.

3. The child is selfish/won't share.

4. The Child lies.

5. The child is sneaky and tries to get around me.

Psychopathic tendencies among children are still placed in murky waters as experts argue if is caused by nature or nurture. Parents should consider taking the child to a health care expert instead of just assessing through speculations.

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