Kids' Eating Situation Has Improved In U.S, But There's Still A Long Way To Go, Says Study

It was an established report that the diets of American kids were improving.Many surveys were conducted in this regard, and it has now been discovered that there is still a lot of rooms for improvement.

The children coming from low family incomes and some racial groups, either don't have access to healthy food or cannot afford it. Thirty-eight children belonging to age group o 8- 12 were evaluated in his study and the results were concluded that these kids are less likely to eat healthily and nutritional food items.

According to The Parents magazine, the surveys conducted during 1999 to 2012, the concerned authorities are convinced that overall maximum children are consuming nutritional food. They are eating fruit, whole grains, dairy products, green vegetables. The children are made to part their ways from sugary calories and processed/canned foods. This is a positive approach and needs to be maintained.

Now, According to the recent reports it has been discovered that this maximum number of children are mostly from the elite class. Most of the underprivileged children still require their priorities to divert from unhealthy food consumption towards healthier options.

The whole grain intake is satisfactory, but other food components still require a lot of improvement.This is essential to ensure a healthy future for children, with a special interest to improve the sodium intake.

Children coming from well off financially stable backgrounds have access to many programs and schemes intended to improve their eating habit, but Hispanic children don't have access to these programs.

Most of the underprivileged children are unaware of the prospects of eating healthy foods, The Time further says. This awareness is required to be spread worldwide to make children able to avail every opportunity to consume healthy food. Parents can play a vital role I this regard.They can guide their children about proper food selection, cook healthy recipes at home to convince the young minds to revert heir preference towards healthy options available.

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