Coping With Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy

Abdominal pain is a normal consequence of pregnancy but is not supposed to be taken lightly. It poses some serious risks that one must be well aware of. Care and precaution is required to deal with this kind of pain in order to deal with them effectively.

Some of the causes of pregnancy are harmless. These causes are mostly benign abdominal pains caused by cramps during pregnancy but have no adverse effects. A growing uterus causes these pains. As the uterus begins to grow, nausea and distention in abdomen is expected and evident.

A growing uterus often results in round ligaments pain which eventually leads to cramps in abdomen. As during pregnancy progesterone disturbs digestive system functioning, so constipation is common which also causes pain in abdomen.

According to The Parents Magazine, a lot of water intake should be ensured during the pregnancy time to avoid constipation. Braxton hick contractions are another reason why women experience abdominal pain. These contractions annoy but are totally harmless and benign.

Harmful consequences that lead to abdominal pain are not to be ignored.Ectopic pregnancies where egg does not implant to uterus,causes abdominal pain.These type of pregnancies require immediate treatment,they often fail to complete. Miscarriage can result, so women are required to take care of abdominal pains in the first trimester.

Pretern labor, placental abruption, preeclampsia, UTIs, appendicitis, gall stones are dangerous and harmful consequences that can lead to the pain women experience in abdomen. This is why precautions and preventive measures are always required.

The right time to visit a doctor is when pregnant women experience bleeding and sharp abdominal pain due to cramps, according to Baby Center. If a pregnant woman experiences more than four contractions in an hour or two, she should immediately consult her doctor for professional help.

Moreover, visual disturbances, headaches swear swelling of limbs and pain while urinating should not be ignored either and advice of doctor should taken and followed strictly if any of these symptoms are observed. A few things like taking rest, regular light exercises, drinking water and emptying bladder can help ease abdominal pain. Pregnant women are advised to eat the food in small portions.

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