Prosecutors Get Invention On Abortion: Getting Jailed For Terminating Pregnancy

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald November 25, 09:39 pm

Are planned pregnancies supposed to be defunded? This question is the entire stance of the argument. The newly elected president Donald Trump has the idea that it is not right for women to end their pregnancy on their own and doctors helping them out oft to be punished.

In USA keeping a pregnancy or not is a personal decision of a woman,no one has any right to interfere in the matter.Only a few states regard this action as immoral and wrong act as abortion is considered a murder.

For forty-four years the Supreme Court supported the stance of women and considered abortion legal and a woman's personal choice. Many women try to end their pregnancies every year all across the country. Many of them got jailed for self-induced abortion on the charges of child abuse, misuse of nonprescribed drugs etc. In all these prosecutions the court overruled the decision that it is the right of women to decide to terminate her pregnancy, according to The Guardian.

So now Trump's rule is going to make some major changes in the life of Americans, according to Washington Post. He intends to appoint pro-life judges in court.Whether to punish any woman for aborting her fetus was a personal decision of the judge. Now the consequences are yet to observed of the new government.

Women have been prosecuted for self-induced abortion,many times in the past decades.Such cases have given rise to gender crimes. These laws are considered unequal in the sight of many. What has happened in this regard and what is going to happen under the new government leaves behind a question mark on this injustice to women,as many times they were charged for aborting their pregnancy when it is considered their personal decision.

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