Quit Being Lazy And Stop Smoking Today: It Hurts Your Children More Than It Hurts You

Tobacco smoking is a curse.It not only affects the life of smoker but has adverse effects on mental and physical abilities of the people exposed to their smoke.

According to a recent study reviewed by The Mirror, the children who are a victim of passive smoking,affects their brain development.These children are found out to adopt aggression and violence. They progressively become antisocial and eventually are forced through unavoidable consequences to drop out of school. Parents should be careful about the affects their children might have to suffer because of their smoking.

The habit of parents to smoke exposes their children to second hand or third hand smoke,to which the children have no control.This passive smoke affects brain development at a critical rate. Short term and long term health problems is a consequence of parents' smoking ,from which the children have o suffer.

This not only is unhealthy but also makes children prone to some social and emotional disturbances. It makes children aggressive and they tend to break society's norms and principles. The children might also end up harming others and themselves.

 There lies a strong link between early exposure to passive smoke and the harmful effects of this smoke in later life. Children initially become antisocial because of second hand smoke exposure. They then adopt violence and end up dropping out of schools. Afterwards they even get involved in social crimes like theft and robbery .

This is alarming and needs to controlled. Millions of children become victim of passive smoking and the scale is at a verge of increase, The NCBI also reviews that smoke affects brain development and children suffer from something that they even did not commit. Parents should be aware that their smoking habits can exploit their children. Smoking should be discouraged and a healthy environment should be created for children that is free of tobacco smoke.

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