The Trio Band Of Mothers Fight For Bilingual Education For Kids

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald November 23, 06:38 pm

During the 60's, an initiative was taken by parents to enroll their children in French immersion program. This trend spread like a wild fire all across Canada. The program intended to teach basic French to children to make them able to communicate in French.

A report of Montreal Gazette says that this was a combined effort of three mothers who wanted to instruct basic French to the children through an immersion program. The trio struggled hard in starting this program. They convinced parents to send their children to their classes to learn French. Children who attended the classes showed great interest and as a consequence of that, their verbal skills proved to be better in English and French both, as compared to other common immersion programs.

This French immersion program was unique of its kind and it sort of made public education broaden its horizons by making stronger kids learn French while rendering weaker ones to learn English. The trio mothers are considered pioneers in transforming the education and improving its quality, according to NewsF Canada.

What motivated parents to make their children study French was that French education was very poor across the country and so they wanted their children to not to be like them. They enrolled them in the program to develop good French skills, better understanding of French grammar so that they become fluent in the language.

Now, after the retirement of traditional teacher those teachers are being employed who are skillful and verbal in French. Initiatives are being taken to have student exchange programs between French and English schools in order to eradicate intolerance.

The founder trio is very proud of their decision,according to them they intended to impart French education among students. They never thought that their initiative would become a trend which will continue till today date.They are very satisfied with their decision and has proved to improve education at a very high rate.

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