Along The Autism Spectrum: A Tour Through The Campus Life

Children diagnosed with autism tend to drop out of school and initiate online courses. This seems to be a solution to the problem and avoid other students being affected by autism of only one of their peer. But recent surveys conducted on autism children have given rise to a new direction to the whole argument.

With support autism suffering children can learn to cope up with the disease and attend college like regular students.Some of them were found to surpass expectations. Support programs help these children to adapt to the changes this disability causes in their body and learn to cooperate with the emerging challenges.

It is recommended that children should be made to attend a university. According to the New York Times, it will take more time for them than the normal kids to graduate but eventually they will and that is the goal.This will improve their self esteem and will help them to become a potential member of the society.

Some support is required for this cause. Peer mentors are required to help the autism diagnosed students to cope up with the normal students. Physical activities should be promoted among these students to build up their confidence.

The autism support program is on a verge at various campuses across the country.The faculty and students volunteer to help the autism diagnosed to learn things and seek education. They tend to make them join clubs,develop their communication skills and a lot more.

According to Santa Fe New Mexican, these few steps and study programs are going to help the autism society at a great extent. It will transform the overall personality of these students and will make them able to do something for their good future benefits. When provided aid and a little training, majority of the students that were diagnosed with autism were found to have better performances compared to the their peers.

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