A Californian Newborn Survived Birth After Mother Was Shot Dead

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald November 21, 09:16 am

A miraculous incident has been witnessed some time earlier in California. On Thursday night some gunshots were heard. When the police arrived, two victims were found and shifted to a hospital immediately.

As reported by The Washington Post, The first victim was a man in his youth, who was shot in the leg, so he survived. Another was a middle aged woman who was thirty-five weeks pregnant.Her case was a serious one, she was brutally shot in the head.

The woman was operated by physicians as an immediate emergency and was successful in delivering her baby via Caesarean section.The baby was reported to have born normally without any mental and physical disabilities.

That lady did not survive but the baby was able to survive and was in stable condition after birth
In the actual incident,as reported by the police,there were a total of five people in a car and was pointed by some people in an alternate car on the road. It is not yet established whether the victims of the shooting were the target of shooters.The car was rushed by the driver towards a nearby hospital as soon as possible.

The news was also reported by The Daily Mail, that says the police is still investigating the case. No criminal is caught yet.They are not able to apprehend the reason behind the shooting.They are suspecting various crime gangs behind this specific incident. As there were five people in the vehicle and only two received bullets through a mere hit and try attempt so it cannot be said who the actual target of the shooters was. There are some sure clues of a crime gang involvement in this incident.

This fight against crime gangs is going for quite a time now. Many innocent individuals were and are still victimized by this curse. The situation is quite pitiful and the administration needs to do something about the deteriorating situation which is precisely the aftermath of legalizing guns and arms to civilians.

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