Victims Legally Dictated To Keep Contact With Rapist

When the 18-year-old Noemi found out that she had been cornered into handing over her baby daughter to the man convicted of assaulting her, she felt like experiencing a terrible nightmare. Noemi's child was conceived in the assault and what's more is that Nebraska's laws forced Noemi on agreeing to court-sanctioned visits between the man convicted of assault and Noemi's rather accidental daughter.

Noemi asked CNN to not reveal her complete identity by not using her last name in the report. She said that doing so would put the "most cherished part of her life in harm's way" and thinks that it's not good for the safety of her daughter.

This story isn't new for fellow Americans. There are various states across the U.S that have no legislation regarding protecting women who get pregnant as a result of rape and are coerced of sharing their children with their rapists.

An approximate of 17000-32000 pregnancies due to rape are reported across America every year. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures and around 32-50 percent of rape victims who get impregnated keep their babies.

According to what the aforementioned statistics suggest, around five to six thousand women are deemed to fall into this legal limbo every year. Of course it also depends on where the attack occurred and where their place of residence is.

As far as Noemi's case is concerned, the situation has not only become haunting but frustrating as well. Making frequent visits with her rapist has been quite emotionally unsettling for her and her daily life.

 "Now I have to text my rapist or email my rapist, to leave my daughter with someone I didn't trust. I'm forced to parent with him and to see him on a weekly basis," Noemi stated during an interview.

She also remarked that she has no choice but to do what the state's law regulate and this brings tears to her eyes every time she thinks of trying to find a way out of this state of madness she's already in, knowing that all efforts are futile.

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