What Are The Effects Of Stress On Children's Health

Stress at a young age can cause metabolic disturbances leading to hypertension at a stage later in life.Another study suggests that people with parents who develop hypertension before 55, also struggle in regulating their blood pressure.

UPI News reports that in the former case, the idea is not that childhood stress will result in high blood pressure in later life for sure, but it increases the possibility os such a disorder.
Children exposed to stress and problems often develop high blood pressure when they are adults.

So if the children are found leading a stressful life, then steps should be taken to lessen their stress to avoid hypertension like metabolic disorders in later life.The experiments suggest that children having anxiety and anger issues have a diastolic pressure of 65 compared to children with less stress of 60 diastolic in adult life.

This situation is not alarming in itself, but this can lead to various other cardiac issues which are the thing to be pondered. So, witnessed .stress should be tackled at the witnesses.The study suggests that people developing hypertension have a similar family history and unhealthy lifestyle. Individuals with a family history of high blood pressure are also at the risk of developing a similar situation.

According to Kids Health, most parents who develop this metabolic disorder have children who face similar consequences in their adult life as well. Among the various experimental activities conducted in the light of the hypotheses apprehended, I t was found out that children of parents developing hypertension in their youth also developed the similar problems of maintaining their blood pressure.

Stress and family history are the contributing factors of the disorder.This disorder further risks the development of cardiac diseases like strokes and even heart attack. Precautionary steps can be taken in both of the cases to avoid such serious situations in later life. Change of lifestyle and eating habits can help in overcoming any dangerous situation in the future.

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