How Premature Birth May Lead To Heart Problems In Teenagers And Children

There's a connection between the week in which the baby was born and long-term heart problems. It is believed that early birth can raise the risk of heart problems in children and teens in later life. This was just a hypothesis before research was carried out and following facts were found.

According to The Jerusalem Post, a study led by Dr. Gil Gutwirtz, under the supervision of Dr. Asnat Walfish and Soroka gynecology and obstetrics department chairman Prof. Eyal Sheiner, found the proof to support the hypothesis. Health records of babies born were compared and it was seen that most heart risks were found in those babies who were born prematurely.

The research team found differences in cardiac health activity in babies born in 37th - 42nd week. The time of five weeks did more than was expected. Those born before the full term had the highest cardiac risks as babies born before 40 weeks were vulnerable to more heart problems than babies born later. Of course, the risk isn't very high but compared to overdue babies, it was greater.

According to Texas Heart Institute, the relationship of a premature birth and long-term heart problems among teenagers and children has sparked a series of debates on how to tackle these risks. Doctors and other specialists have advised to prolong the time during pregnancy so as to avoid premature births unless and until the situation becomes highly serious for the mother and the infant.

Soroka Gynecology and Obstetrics department chairman Prof. Eyal Sheiner said pregnant women should also be educated over this study so that no matter how fed up or tired they got, they don't ask for an earlier delivery. Without a real medical reason, premature birth is not suggested as it can lead to bigger issues later in life. The rate of morbidity can increase to an extent that can be disastrous.

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