Two-Year-Old Boy With An Extremely Rare Condition: The Only One In The World?

There are times that toddlers suffer from a mysterious condition in which they can't eat or drink anything (not even water). It isn't a myth and isn't some unexplained fable, but there are true stories of this condition taking over the bodies of toddlers.

There aren't many medical statements available for now to explain the reasoning of this phenomenon, but there are incidents of its occurrence.

According to The Sun, this condition disables the toddler from eating anything. Whenever the child eats something, his body starts to attack his insides, depleting his immune system and making him prone to various infections. These causes many other organs of the body to stop acting normally and may in various cases affect the brain.

Formerly residing with breathing problems, the condition of the child progresses to the stage where the body despises any food or drink intake. If the child is still fed, massive bleeding and vomiting takes over him and eventually he has to be hospitalized. A condition like this can rightly be called 'scary.'

According to The Mirror, many doctors have carried out various tests on such children, but all ended up with no answer. In their words, it can be something rare or pure. However, it has still not been discovered what this condition is and what causes it.

To go more into details, the child's bowel gets marks that have never been identified before in any other prevailing cases in medical history. When food is ingested, these markings open up. However, this was the only thing that the doctors got to. Even specialists were baffled by this difficult condition that was so devastating for the child.

It is frustrating not to know what this rare phenomenon is. Parents of children, who are suffering from such a condition, say that they never know what's going to happen to their child. He might keep living on TPN, or his liver might stop working ending his life.

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