Accused Daycare Child Molester: Attorneys Running Back And Forth

When it came to the question of determining whether Heather Koon is a violent sex predator desperately waiting to strike back again, attorneys were volleying back and forth Thursday afternoon.

Tony Cillo, Assistant County Prosecutor told James Miraldi, the Common Pleas Court Judge that Koon seemed to be fit the profile of the accused. He derived this conclusion on observations that Koon pleaded guilty on sexually assaulting toddlers and snapping pictures while he worked in daycare centers back in 2013, according to the Washington Post.

A final conclusion has yet to be drawn but if Koon is held accountable for the charges she's accused with as a sexual predator, then she might have to stay imprisoned for life without parole. "She is the person who actually performed these acts," Chillo stated during an interview with the Chronicle.

Violating the trust of people who had paid to have their children watched over in a safe environment. What's more important to note is that Koon's fiancé, James Osborne had been sentenced to four consecutive life sentences in October because of his crimes of a similar nature. He was allegedly involved in ABC Kidz Child Care in Elyria and Country Day School in Amherst.

Dan Wightman, defense attorney stated that Koon didn't sufficiently pacify the qualifications since she has no past personal criminal record. Also, that she shares an unfortunate history of being sexually violated.

Since she has a history of being a victim of sexual assault, Koon was given several tests by Dr. Askenazi, a neurologist. The results explained that Koon had poor self-esteem as a child. What's surprising is that Koon came under a heavy influence of Mr. Osborne to a tremendous extent which is what the tests Dr. Askenazi gave her found.

According to Daily Mail, Wightman claimed that he felt the emotional weight of Koon's case upon him as he was preparing for the trial. However, he also stated that he hopes that the court will act impartially in the face of emotions so as to make a fair decision.

Wightman stated that undoubtedly Koon is a part of a horrible crime that she herself pled guilty of. However, "the state can't prove she meets these violent predator specifications", he added. It's more about Koon's likelihood whether she'll repeat her criminal actions again.

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