Woman Left Devastated After Learning Her Apparent Pregnancy Was Actually A Disease

Stephanie Theobald was all excited for the birth of her first child but was in for a tragic surprise that awaited her. After diagnosing her, doctors told Stephanie that her pregnancy was a rare cancer tumor.

Stephanie and her husband were distressed when they went to the doctor for the routine 12-week scan, discovering that their unborn child had no heartbeat. However, Stephanie stated that there's nothing she could do about the situation except undergo birth naturally or surgically, according to The Mirror.

When her time of birth came to fruition, Stephanie was left shell-shocked when doctors said that she had a molar pregnancy. A molar pregnancy occurs when abnormal cells start growing in the uterus instead of a baby.

After this problem was disclosed and solved, more problems awaited Stephanie. Doctors now told the couple that Stephanie was diagnosed with a gestational trophoblastic neoplasia in short, a menacing tumor that was about to make Stephanie's life even more miserable.

According to Daily Mail, the excited anticipation of an upcoming baby turned into a nightmare for the couple. Instead of preparing for the baby's arrival, Stephanie now has to undergo a full-fledged course of chemotherapy in August. The treatment will last until January when she will find out whether she is still capable of giving birth or not.

However, even if Stephanie is cleared on her ability to give birth, she'll still have to wait a year before she conceives. This means that by the time she conceives, she'll be reaching the age of 37.

Stephanie's case is not only an unfortunate one but a tragic one indeed. When Stephanie was asked how she felt when she was told that she had a rare case of a molar pregnancy she replied, "It was just awful. When you go for a scan it's meant to be a happy time. We both just came crashing down."

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