Kids In Canada Are Amongst The Least Active Kids In The World

Activeness is an important aspect of childhood. At younger age kids are motivated towards activities that strengthen them physically.

 Global News released a survey where it was mentioned that Canadian kids are the least active kids among the other developing countries kids.Physical activity is an important part of learning the process.It tends to strengthen mind and souls.Being physically active children are better able to cope up with their problems.

Physical activity has many prospects for children. It tends to strengthen their muscle build up and empowering them towards an active way of life.Activeness builds up their self-esteem, improves their social interactions making them a strong person both emotionally and physically.

According to CTV News, active kids are better able to concentrate and focus on other tasks.Such kids tend to learn new skills with fun.Physical activeness also helps kids to overcome their stress.The physical activity being encouraged at a young age is a blessing for kids.These active kids have better learning power, a stronger memory, their immune system strengthens.So we cannot deny the importance of physical activeness in children.

Canadian kids are found to be the least active among the other kids in countries like Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, etc.A weaker cultural and social connection with physical exercise is what is making Canada lag behind other countries in this regard.Physical activity is not a default aspect of Canadian kids.Physical activity contributes to the emotional well-being of kids.Being physically inactive Canadian kids were found to be dull as compared to the kids of other countries.

Canada is among the top names when we talk about community service and organized sports, but when it comes to the involvement of kids in physical activity, then the country is the bottom line. These Canadian kids were found to be better at desk-bound tasks.They performed well in stationary activities, but when it comes to involvement in physical activities then they were found least interested

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