How To Teach Your Toddler To Share With Others

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald November 21, 09:11 am

Toddlers don't really like to share their things. They have a possessive kind of love for their own things.If they are asked to share their toys and stuff with other fellow kids,they would not agree unless the thing to be shared is divided into equal half pieces.

Children often end up crying when their things are shared with others. Sharing is such an aspect of human nature which when incorporated into the personality of a person stays with him for an endless time.

Sharing teaches selflessness to a person. So it is suggested by The Huffington Post, to help children adapt to this habit at a young age. Smart grooming techniques used by parents and teachers at an early stage of a toddlers life is going to convince a toddler to share his things with others.

This is essentially important,otherwise, the toddlers might end up growing into a selfish human,which is a threat to the growth of a friendly society. According to an online parenting magazine, The Baby Centre, children's divine love for their things should be discouraged and sharing is to be encouraged instead. For that, they should be told that there are limited turns for every one of the children to play with a particular toy.

Each one of them will be given an equal chance to play. Initially, they will show reluctance and even end up crying in the corner.Progressively they would learn that the possession of things is temporary.They will learn not to love their things as these materialistic things have no value in comparison to human emotions.

Such techniques were adopted by many parents and it was found out that after a lot of tries,the children were finally convinced and were ultimately found adopting the habit of sharing. The golden principle of Sharing-is-caring has to be taught to children from the beginning to transform them into a kind-hearted and generous person. The task is difficult but can be achieved through persistent efforts.

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