Father Celebrated Christmas Early So His Baby Boy Could Cherish The Memories Before It Was Too Late

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald November 21, 09:27 am

Death is not a personal choice and no one can escape it. The recent incident touched the heart of many without exception and has brought tears to many eyes

As reported by Mirror, a man in his youth was diagnosed pancreatic cancer. His act after being diagnosed with the disease can leave anyone in melancholy. Jay Clark, after being diagnosed with the fatal cancer was devastated not because he was to die soon but because his newly born son won't have any memories with. So, he decided to celebrate Christmas a little earlier to leave behind a box of memories for his son.

Also reported by the magazine The Last Minute Christmas, he wanted his son to experience the reception of his first gift from Santa clause. He wanted his son to enjoy the excitement of snow at Christmas with his father. He and his wife were left in jeopardy when they discovered Jay has very less time left in this world. An early Christmas was the final solution the couple came up with in order to make some good memories for their son to cherish later in his life.

By making simple arrangements, the couple celebrated Christmas earlier for their newborn. Jay wanted to make his son realize that he loved him so much and he'll miss him.

The couple made this celebration memorable and created a lot of memories for their child to remember later in life. Jay is sure that one day these memories will try to fill up an empty space of father,his son will realize the affection and love of his father for him This couple had their son after a long wait, so they were very excited for the arrival of their first child. The cancer was diagnosed just after the birth of the baby but what the father did highly touched the public's heart.

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