Unanswered Questions On Why So Many Texas Children Are Unvaccinated Raise Protest From Parents

Texas is one of those eighteen states of USA that allows to seek exemptions from vaccinating their children. Many parents fear their children to get autism due to the exposure to vaccines which is why they don't vaccinate their children.

They fear that vaccination comes along with many health issues so they avoid vaccination arranged by the government at the schools. Parents consider it their personal right to make health decision of their child. According to them, the government decisions cannot interfere in what a parent thinks is right for the child.

According to a report of NPR, few parents decide to not to vaccinate their children fearing many health problems and abnormalities.This fact cannot be denied that these individual decision impact other to in many different aspects. Most of the children all across Texas who belong to rich, well-established and well-educated families too are not receiving the vaccination.

 Vaccination has been a matter of concern for so many years now. Only a few passionate people volunteer to vaccinate their children. Now, it is also an understood thing that if a kid is diagnosed with some viral infection and many kids all around are unvaccinated then the infection is going to spread like fire and may prove fatal.


According to Cincinatti Oxford, parents have been constantly protesting to make the record of the unvaccinated kids in public schools. Many protests were conducted and bills were passed too in the parliament but nothing happened.

The questions of parents are still unanswered and they still fear many health problems for their children.
Parents are stubborn on the stance that it is their personal decision.They are still resisting from vaccinating their children.It is an established thing that government cannot indulge in their personal choices and force them to take those decision which are in the interest of most of the people.But this thing also cannot be denied that the personal choices are affecting others life too.


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