Humility And Kindess Are The Two Virtues That The World Needs Most Today

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald November 23, 06:05 am

This global village is facing feelings of hatred since the dawn of modern era. This negative approach towards life is going to cast quite a lot of long lasting effects on the future generations to come.

Children learn things by practically seeing them being practiced by the adults. No good lessons on moral values are going to incorporate goodness in their personalities. They learn what they see. According to a study of Richmond Times Dispatch, unkindness and selfishness is progressively becoming so common, not only among humans of the same nation but between countries. The world has already witnessed the harsh after effects of two major world wars. Each person is aware of the fact that hate is no solution to any problem.

Hatred only empties the souls and has no good prospects. What world needs at the moment is only kind approach, according to Summit ChurchIt is kindness, which needs to be incorporated in the inbuilt of children to make world peace. Children will obviously learn kindness and good conduct from elders. So an overall change of attitude and priorities is required.

All religions of the world preach peace and kindness. It is man who has been responsible for the deteriorating peace of this beautiful world. Kindness and humility oft to be adopted by each one of us to teach these good aspects to our children. Children are the future of this world. They need to be taught love for one another to maintain an overall peace.

With kindness, one can climb any mountain of his life. To make children an important global citizen of this society, they are required to learn skills that have a positive approach towards life. Love for fellow being, animals and environment is what is being eradicated by man's negative means. It needs to be restored to make this world a happy place for our children. Persistent efforts in this regard can help to achieve global peace and that is what is required for a better future of man's generations to come.

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