Parenting Facts: Why Giving Your Baby Water Can Be Hazardous And Even Fatal At Times

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald November 23, 05:47 am

Water intoxication is something the parents of a newborn should be aware of. Kids under the age of one do not require water at all. Their basic fluid requirement is fulfilled by the milk they take. This may sound hilarious but water for a newborn can be hazardous to their health if the water isn't distilled or perfectly boiled.

According to a study mentioned in Buzzfeed, a baby's body mechanism is designed to fulfill their water need from human milk or formula. The science behind this thing is that intake of water can deprive them to absorb the basic vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates, they essentially require to satisfy their nutritional needs.

Too much intake of water drops the sodium intake in blood capillaries, making the situation a fatal one for the newborn. Furthermore, The Mirror says that babies are immature little beings and their nutritional needs are quite different from adults. In the first six months they require to absorb essential food elements like essential vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates etc. to develop their bones and these elements help them retain their health which is the essential part of raising them.

Water is not their foremost requirement. Even on hotter days they do not require that much of water. The water content absorbed from milk is sufficient to satisfy their water needs. Parents of a newborn should be aware of these small things to avoid any emergency situation. It is okay to give a few oz of water to the child but a lot of water is a dangerous decision to take.

Parents who provide formula milk to their child are advised to follow the directions for water portion quite strictly. Small mistakes can cause large consequences. Babies don't need water and the parents should be aware of this fact.

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