Could Parental Strictness Be A Sign Of Affection And Love?

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald November 23, 09:02 am

This might seem crazy but this reality stands correct. In a strong contrast between western parenting and eastern parenting, the latter surpasses the former in many aspects but of course not every avenue of life.

Letting a child give up on what they want or prefer would be the cruelest thing a parent can do to his/her child. This is why most western parents are lenient towards their children and this leniency is most often than not taken advantage of or taken for granted to say the least. At the other end of the spectrum, eastern parents are relatively much stricter than their western counterparts perhaps because they think that they own their children. This is why they tend to go overboard with their strictness which isn't good as well.

On an objective note, parenting must all be about a perfect combination of leniency and strictness. Leniency is important to gain a child's trust and make them emotionally connect with parents whereas strictness ensures that the child stays on track no matter what they're doing. A little strictness in parenting methods adopted by most moderate eastern parents results in children that seem more resilient in the face of adversity or hardship which eventually makes them strong members of the society, according to Daily Mail.

However, there lies a very delicate line between being brutally strict and strict for the love of building children up in the right way. Walking this line is a hard thing to do for most, even eastern parents. Eastern parents take their strictness too far by controlling every aspect of their child's life, from school to making friends to playing outside the house and selecting their major in college. In contrast, western parents leniency is taken advantage of which really shocks most eastern parents when they see western kids talking out loud to their parents.

According to Daily Trojan, a little strictness does not spoil children and prepares them to face any harsh reality that may ever intervene in their way. Moderately strict parenting not only lets children reach their full potential in whatever it is they're doing but also helps them easily realize when they're side-tracking from their objectives. Perhaps this is because whenever they feel like they're sidetracking, they automatically remember their parent's reaction the last time such a situation arose.

Threatening children to punish them or throwing their toys away might sound harsh but doing that once in a while help children be bold enough to face any challenge that comes their way. However, this cannot be generalized. Strict parenting works only on a category of children and not all children. Children who are more sensitive and emotionally weak tend to get psychologically disturbed if strict parenting becomes frequent and tends to tilt towards certain extremes.

Strict parenting or not, when it comes to discipline, parents should never compromise and give in to their child's demands because it's not beneficial for them in the long-run. Realizing that a child's tantrum will last only a day but the lessons he learns from his past mistakes are going to accompany him for a lifetime certainly motivates many parents into teaching their children how to be disciplined at school and home. As far as strict of lenient parenting is concerned, it's really up to the parents to decide what kind of a child they have and what's the most appropriate and effective way to deal with them since there's no hard and fast rule to parenting every kid on earth.

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