Starting School Late Could Help Teenagers Escape Depression And Anxiety Among Other Problems, Says Study

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald November 23, 07:57 am

The importance of education in this global world cannot be denied. Schools are often started quite earlier. Starting school early might probably not be the best decision that parents usually tend to take either because they themselves are working parents or might just need some time to themselves by sending kids school earlier than needed.

According to Teen Vogue magazine, it may prove quite unhealthy for children to attend school at some early time of the day according to a recent study made in this regard.Early schooling is linked with sleep deprivation.Strict school routines do not let teens have sound sleep.Having less hours to sleep makes children less active,they slowly become dull in coping up with curricular and extracurricular activities.Sleep deprivation can also lead to depression and anxiety.

Teenagers' sleep-wake cycle is quite different from adults. Researchers say that the number of hours slept isn't as important as when the teenager sleeps in. The time of sleep is crucial to a kid's health. So starting school later at may be eleven or onwards is going to help them get good grades and perform well in their studies, according to Sleep Foundation.

This early time for school is causing many problems for children, especially in teenagers. Their circadian cycles are different from adults. Making them attend school at early times is like asking an adult to wake up and go to work at a time as early as 3 am.This obviously cannot work out for them.

So for teenagers, late school timings has a lot of positive benefits for them. This allows them to sleep in and get the optimal amount of rest before getting to school. This helps them to stay away from sleep deprivation and promotes a healthy lifestyle among them. Experiments conducted proved that children who attended school late were better able to cope up with their problems.

Teens are better able to understand what is being taught at a school. They can make use of their energies in a positive way. Their grades start to improve and they take part in extracurricular activities with interest.
So late school timings for teens ought to be considered and practically adopted to ensure maximum benefits of attending a school.

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