Difficulties Faced By Barron Trump During Campaign Raise Some Questions On His Possible Autism

Ever since Donald Trump's election campaign started ,his life became an open book for the general public.In a recent time, media has all centered upon the restlessness of his ten-year-old son Barron. During the public appearances for the election campaign,he was found to look quite restless and weary.

Blasting News reports that it seems like he is suffering from autism.The parents have still not admitted this fact.Melania Trump on being interviewed told the press that Barron is just a normal kid like others. He is a good learner and is interested in building things up.He wants to build helicopters.

A few things still leave behind many questions about the child's mental health unanswered. Donald Trump tweeted about how he is against inculcating a massive dose of many vaccines to children transforming them into autism patients.His tweets gave the fire to the news that Barron trump is yet another victim of this act.He is suspected to have diagnosed with autism too.

While Donald trump is all set to move into the White House as the new president of USA, his family might just stay in their old home. Melania Trump is concerned with her young son's grooming.She is still not ready to move into a new home.

It has been reported that Melania along with her son Barron is going to stay in the Trump Towers,as the couple is not interested in changing the environment of their child.Barron will continue to go to the same school to ensure a better future.

It is possible that Barron was just uncomfortable with the election campaign as it was a new experience for him,but these few acts of the newly elected president and his wife still leave the general public in suspense whether the ten-year-old is suffering from autism or not.The question remains a mystery.

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