Parenting Facts: How To Deal With Rejection For Being A Dad

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald November 25, 05:12 am

A relationship of a father with his children is unique of its kind and one of the most beautiful one. This relationship goes through a lot of struggle to develop,but once developed it proves to be the strongest bond.

The Telegraph says that children often find refuge in their mother's lap instead of a father's. They find security and reliance in the mothers because they spend more time with them including the nine month time in mother's womb.

So a father faces the rejection of their children during initial years. Children are unable to absorb and recollect the affection and love a father showers on them. This is not a story of a single household but most families face these circumstances, according to Next Avenue.

A father should boost up the feelings of patience as the process is going to take a while. A father should try to be less aggressive and emotional on being rejected for their care. Kind behavior and empathy are what will attract the children towards their father progressively.

With the growing age, children will eventually notice the care and love a father has for them. Mutual efforts are required by both parents to win the trust of their children. Mothers should try to praise the father for his efforts in front of the children. This will make the children noticetheir father's existence.

Mothers should also avoid their children to let father have some quality time with them. Once the children are at a maturity level to comprehend things and understand them, they should also be told verbally that their acts to reject their father's affection is hurtful.

Father child bond takes a lot a patient efforts and stages to develop. It is a slowly progressive journey which can be achieved in lesser time by taking some smart potential steps. The relation will develop a little late but will last forever.

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