Children's Speech Concerns NI Teachers

Education and skills taught to children in their early years play a key role in their personality development.Recent surveys conducted have found out that children who have started their schools are struggling with speech problems.

The teachers have been reported to show fear that children who are unable to communicate and lack basic verbal sense can fall behind.These children might not be able to cooperate with every increasing learning stage.

School starter children have been found out through various studies to lack complete sentence formation skills, as reported by BBC News. These children are unable to use a complete sentence to convey their thoughts.Children belonging to poor families are more likely to suffer through weak communication skills.

Through the surveys conducted in Northern Ireland it has been discovered and reported that underprivileged communities' children, when start their schooling,they went through difficulties in communicating their thoughts and ideas. Such children have been found out to be never being able to catch up with their competitors.

These children are unable to concentrate on daily lessons.They were observed to enjoy their school activities least.They had less interaction with other classmates and mostly sat quiet in the classroom,waiting for the school time to end soon.They were unable to understand the instructions given by their teacher.

Age Times further says that the government is concerned to provide a good start to children for their educational debut. They are discussing views on the subject and aim to adopt policies to ensure equal education for all.

There is a need to adopt correct methods during early years of education as the children absorb maximum things during this time period.

The early years of children's life are crucial for them as well as parents and teachers. Smart planning is required. More resources are required to ensure good quality education for all. Teachers are concerned for children facing communication difficulties and think that a prosperous methodology is required to minimize the problem.

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