Safety First: CPSC Claims That Crib Bumpers Are Unsafe

Becoming a new parent everyone wants to provide their newborn with the best possible facility. It is recommended that children are made to sleep in stuffed cribs to ensure a sound and comfortable sleep to their newborns.

Many parents employed these stuffed cribs to provide their children with comfort. Some recent sleep based infants deaths took place recently, and the reason was the use of these stuffed cribs, The Parents magazine said.

These stuffed crib bumpers come with a warning of suffocation, entrapment, and strangulation, and are still being used at a high rate.The concerned authority has failed to impose a ban on the sale of these padded cribs. Parents are warned to not to use these as any potential benefit from these cannot ignore the risk of baby's safety while sleeping, according to The Scientific Parent.

As the authority has been unable to boycott the bumpers, al they can do is advise the parents because parents are still using this bedding technique and accidents are on a verge to increase on a daily basis.

The bumpers will be made to look so attracting to eye as they are decorated for this reason in baby shops. So parent one should not be fooled by the looks and should be aware of the safety risks and decide not to buy them.

The authorities are working on taking potential steps to impose a permanent ban on these bumpers.So before this ban is given any practical shape, parents are advised to employ alternate means.

Parents are advised to place the babies on their back when they are sleeping for a last a year.In case they are inclined to use a crib bumper then at least the mattress should be a firm one, and the baby should be covered by a fitted sheet, provided that soft objects are not used anywhere in the crib bumper. Moreover, parents should consider every aspect when it comes to the safety of their babies.

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