Dangers Of Online Shopping: Recalled Toys Sold Online Place Consumers On Health Risks

Online shopping is one of the best ways to get through the holiday rush, but some standard precautions are often neglected. It was recently revealed that banned and recalled toys are being sold online with faulty safety descriptions placing the child's safety at stake.

United States Consumers and Product Safety recalled several toys in 2016 after most of the items were not able to pass product safety. The report mentioned that the toys that were recalled and banned, however, are being sold online, which gives consumers easy access.


Holiday shoppers need to be keen when it comes to buying toys. One of the most common reasons as to why toys fail quality control is the presence of lead in the material. On February this year, United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled a toy, Monkey Glockenspiel, due to some of its hazardous contents.

CPCS mentioned that the pink metal note bar of the Glockenspiel contains a high amount of lead paint, which violated that federal lead paint standards. It was then mentioned that the moment the paint chips off, it can be hazardous to the child's health.

Despite being recalled, however, it was mentioned that the specific item can still be found online, along with other banned toys. In a report submitted by CoPIRG, it was mentioned that a total of 44 banned toys were reportedly sold online.

Online shopping provides countless options, and consumers are usually attracted to unique items that are not easily found in physical stores, especially when it comes to "hard-to-find" items. It was mentioned that these banned toys are considered as illegal, wherein the act of selling it can be considered as a criminal offense.

What Are The Most Common Banned Toys

It was mentioned that hoverboards and other battery-operated devices are in high demand when it comes to the most sold toys online. These items usually fail quality control as some have the capability to explode, and can cause serious injuries. 

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