Nostradamus 2017 Prediction LATEST Update: Involves Peace Agreement, Bold Moves, Global Warming And More. Learn Here.

By Paul Urban, Parent Herald November 28, 03:28 am

Nostradamus's predictions are sometimes bone-chillingly accurate. It even predicted the Sept. 11, 2001 attack on New York and many other world catastrophes. Many are interested to know what he has for next year. Nostradamus 2017 Predictions are believed to be not-so-violent compared to his predictions for the past years.

According to Alex Noudelman, probably one of the interesting Nostradamus 2017 prediction involves Russia and Ukraine. For the longest time, both countries have been in strife. This year, Russia and Ukraine will come to an agreement. This may seem clear but this could also involve handing back Crimea to Kiev.

Nostradamus 2017 prediction also involves China making a bold move. China will be the new world super power, bumping off the US in the top spot. This is also the same prediction of a blind woman, Baba Vanga.

The Latin American countries were also not spared on Nostradamus 2017 predictions. However, his prediction for this part of the globe is rather positive.

Latin American countries never had the breakthrough it needed, except for it hosting the 2016 Rio Olympics last summer. 2017 sees good development for Latin America as most will be moving away from leftist policies which is supposed to end civil unrest, thus bringing in more investments.

North Korea and South Korea have divided even after the Korean War ended in mid 1940s. Both have had violent past with a lot of provocation initiated by North Korea against the South. However, Nostradamus 2017 prediction sees both countries being reunited.

North Korean notorious leader, Kim Jong-un will be dethroned and will seek refuge in Russia. This may open the North Korean doors to finally reunite with the South, making it one Korea. Something that has been on the works for so long.

Maybe these may happen, maybe these won't. It is meant to be seen. But know that his predictions have happened with precise accuracy. According to Business Insider, he accurately predicted Death of Henry II, the great fire of London, the French Revolution, Adolf Hitler, JFK Assassinations and of course, 9-11 attacks.

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