'AMD Zen' Release Date, News And Updates: Zen Confirmed To Launch This January; Expected To Beat The Intel

By Troy Woodridge, Parent Herald November 28, 10:01 pm

The new "AMD Zen" processor was announced to release this coming 2017 as the company said. Also known as the AMD "Summit Ridge," it was reportedly going to hit the market with 3 different variants.

Motherboard manufacturer, MaxSun, said that the next generation Zen will be in a price range between $200 to $500 on its release. The new "AMD Zen" will be released this January 17th of 2017, reported Digital Trends.

The so-called powerful next generation Zen will then be released with 3 variants, namely the SR7, SR5 and the SR3. The "AMD Zen" SR7 will be the highest tier of all with a price around $300, while its OC version with 95W power will cost not more than $500 per unit. The lower SR5 and SR3 tier will cost between $200 to $300 as the report said.

The AMD next-gen Zen is known to be the response of the company to the Intel i7 Series. According to the WCCFTech, "AMD Zen" or the Summit Ridge is compared to Intel Haswell-E CPU when it comes to performance level.

The Haswell-E is a total performer with a lot of similarities to the Intel Core i7-5960X. The "AMD Zen" SR7 is said to have a speed like the Haswell-E with a lesser market price.

In the past 3 years, the AMD struggled to compete with the Intel iCore Series. The AMD released the A-Series, which is known to be the first APU equipped with a built-in mid-gaming GPU chipset.

The AMD A-Series has stability issues where it was reportedly heating up faster than the usual and is getting unstable after a couple of months of usage. With this, the Intel enjoyed a lot those years sitting at on top due to the fact that the iCore Series was way more reliable, stable and powerful than the AMD's.

AMD is now hopeful to bring back their glory days like the era AMD Athlon XP series. AMD is targeting to compete with the Intel, especially in the gaming industry once the "AMD Zen" is released.

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