Nibiru Planet X LATEST Update: 10th Planet To Cause Earth's Polar Shift That May Cause Catastrophe? [DETAILS HERE]

By Paul Urban, Parent Herald November 29, 09:31 am

As kids, many were taught that there are nine planets in our solar system, with the sun being at the center. However, there is 10th planet recently discovered. It is Nibiru Planet X. This is farther than Pluto. Though it is millions of light years away from Earth, it is expected to affect the planet's axis causing polar shift.

According to Nibiru Today, NASA has announced that planet Earth may experience a pole shift. This makes it unable to defend itself from solar radiation for up to 200 years. This is definitely devastating and catastrophic to human beings.

NASA reports that if the magnetic poles of Earth get reversed, there will be a higher risk for skin cancer. Another risk involves electronic communication fluctuations and extreme weather known to wipe out human beings in the face of the planet. This is because of Nibiru Planet X.

While Nibiru Planet X may not totally be responsible for the polar shift, it is still worth studying. Scientists admit that 200 years without a magnetic shield to defend Sun's solar storms would have great implications to human beings.

NASA will have to study more on this. Nibiru Planet X is extremely far away to contribute. It may not be directly responsible for the polar shift, but there is indeed the possibility of it.

What exactly is Nibiru Planet X? As per Science Mag, Nibiru Planet X appears to be the new ninth or tenth planet. It is the same size as Neptune and orbits the sun every 15,000 years.

The Nibiru Planet X is out there. Various astronomers have to find more objects in orbits. It is reported that Nibiru Planet X can't be found or will not appear within a telescope viewfinder.

For now, it is safe to stick to the common knowledge that the last planet in our solar system is Pluto. Until further studies and conducted to come up with an official report, Pluto is the last planet and Nibiru Planet X remains a mystery.

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