Will Japan Be The First To Build The World´s Most Powerful Computer?

By Charity Marces, Parent Herald November 30, 06:00 am

Japan is reportedly spending nearly $173 million in an attempt to build the most powerful computer in the world. Japan´s goal is to surpass China's world-leading Sunway TaihuLightm, which excels at over 93 petaflops. Japan aims to do this by creating powerful computers capable of 130 quadrillion calculations per second, or 130 petaflops, in scientific parlance.

According to TechRadar, Japan intends to stand side by side with China and the United States. in terms of having supercomputers. Currently, the two world´s largest countries have built a massive digital system, often interchanging ranks numbers in the past decades.

Japan´s intention is to make significant advancements providing the country's tech corporations a massive jump start. Some sources claim that the country´s plot is to use the supercomputers to perform heavy data lifting. This alternative is to take a better action than rely on search engines such as Google and MSN.

The project has been named "AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure," or ABCI. Japan's ‎National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology director manager, Satoshi Sekiguchi, reveals that they´re seeking help from large tech companies to further the highly promising innovation of artificial intelligence. The target date to launch the world´s most powerful supercomputers is by 2018.

Meanwhile, some industry insiders believe that Japan appears to have lost its high-technological edge versus its neighboring countries in Asia, such as South Korea and China. The country's government is said to be apprehensive of the declining numbers of people interested in robotics and other electronics. 

With the launch of the supercomputers, the Japanese government hopes to revive their country's science and technology. Will the Land of the Rising Sun re-emerge as one of the world's tech powers? We have to wait until 2018 to find out.

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