Foreign Students In The US: Are Chinese Students In America Not Friendly?

By Joshua Williams, Parent Herald November 30, 11:13 am

U.S. universities are acknowledged as the best universities in the world. Harvard, Stanford and Ohio State University are the dream destinations of many aspiring students. However, Asian students, especially the Chinese, do not fantasize them but want to study in the country with a rather practical approach.

Chinese students want to get a U.S.-based education and head back to their country. This is a rather rational approach to Asian students since they feel responsible to serve their economy with a higher education associated with the United States, which is incomparably better than most universities in China.

Post-Gazette shares a story of a father of three children. He always encouraged his children to engage with students from other countries and the children followed their father's advice. The middle son who is in Pitt School of Law somehow had a negative experience several years back when he was at Michigan State University.

It started when he approached some Chinese students in the cafeteria and sat with them, shockingly they all stood up and went to another table. As it turns out, and the kids also shared with their father that Chinese kids rarely engage in any kind of interaction with the American students and are there in Michigan University only to complete their studies and go back to their country.

The writer says that export of U.S. education is fine but gaining economic benefit with the help of this education against the U.S. is actually a problem. According to Los Angeles Times, the number of foreign students coming to the United States is at its highest record.

In the United States, the tops destination for foreign students is California and New York. Because of this, the nation is gaining a huge revenue from these students and the not so surprising figure is the increasing number of foreign students who are from China. Thirty-one percent of the total foreign students studying in the U.S. are Chinese.

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