‘Vikings’ Season 4 Spoilers: Separate Agendas Teased; Major Character Death Will Ascend A New Frankia Emperor?

By Olivia Reese, Parent Herald November 30, 04:00 am

"Vikings" Season 4 is returning this week with its eleventh episode titled "The Outsider." When the series returns, not everything remained the same and some things have taken a turn for the worse.

Episode 11 of "Vikings" Season 4 will feature a huge time jump and Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) will return to people with different agendas, according to CarterMatt. And given that many years have passed since Paris and the fact that the Wessex settlement didn't exactly end on a high note, Ragnar's people will not greet him with praises and admiration.

"Vikings" Season 4 will showcase a vastly different landscape. Ragnar's children have grown up and alliances have shifted especially among Ragnar's closest allies, Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) and Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick). What exactly happened in the last years for it to turn out this way?

"Vikings" executive producer Michael Hirst revealed that the second half of the History drama's fourth season "just throws everything up in the air again," TV Guide reported. Hirst added that the past events served as "a rude awakening" for Ragnar's people and "they have to balance their feelings towards him with the general feeling of betrayal that a lot of people feel, including the sons."

With these teasers, it's safe to assume that the second half of "Vikings" Season 4 will be thrilling, emotional, and fast-paced. As Ragnar gets older, more threats that originated from a power struggle will come bounding towards him and he has to deal with them.

There are speculations that Ragnar would die on episode 11 of "Vikings" Season 4, but this rumor is unlikely given that he is still expected to attack Wessex. If a major character would happen on "Vikings" Season 4, there's a huge chance that it would be Emperor Charles (Lothaire Bluteau) of Frankia, who's also Rollo's (Clive Standen) father-in-law.

Emperor Charles' possible death would introduce a new storyline for Rollo on "Vikings." Would he ascend to Emperor Charles' throne in Season 4?

If this happens, the Duke of Normandy will become more power and influential than his brother, King Ragnar, who is speculated to renounce his title in Season 5 of "Vikings." There are rumors that Ragnar would pass his title along to Harald Finehair (Peter Franzén).

What do you think of the second half of "Vikings" Season 4 so far? Do you like the idea of Rollo taking on a bigger leadership? Should Ragnar denounce his kingship? Share your thoughts below! "Vikings" Season 4 returns on Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 9/8c on History.

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