Solar System LATEST Update: New Dwarf Planet Discovered And Is About To Be Given Its Official Name? [DETAILS HERE]

By Paul Urban, Parent Herald November 30, 02:58 am

More often than not, there are discoveries claiming that a new planet is an addition to the solar system. One of which is the Nibiru or Planet X, which has still to be studied further. Recently, another new dwarf planet has been apparently discovered orbiting just beyond Neptune.

According to New York Times, the areas surrounding Neptune is becoming increasingly crowded. Back in July 2016, astronomers announced that there is a likely discovery of a new dwarf planet.

A survey from Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope in Hawaii has been studying over 600 bodies in a ring of ice debris. This is called as the Kuiper Belt. From this belt, a new dwarf planet may emerge.

From the time the New Horizons Spacecraft flew beyond Pluto, it has given a lot of discoveries in the Kuiper Belt and what it might reveal about the early developments of our solar system. The study of the objects also offers valuable clues about the formation of planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

If indeed the new dwarf planet was confirmed, it may take years before it is given an official designation and recognition as an official additional planet in the solar system. This should also coincide with Pluto's demotion, reducing the official nine planets to eight.

The new dwarf planet is named as 2015 RR245 and was first spotted in February as astronomers looked through images that were taken five months earlier. Further study that the new dwarf planet has a 700-year looping path around the sun.

The new dwarf planet, 2015 RR245 measured 435mile wide in diameter, it would rank as the 19th largest potential new dwarf planet. There are other larger dwarf planets such as Quaor, Orcus and Salacia.

As added by Fox News, the new dwarf planet joins others in the solar system in the same category such as Pluto and Eris. While Pluto and Eris take 248 and 557 years to orbit around the sun, one trip around the sun for another new dwarf planet named 2014 UZ224 takes 1,100 years.

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