'Overwatch' New Map Release News: Oasis Map Is Now Live On PTR; A Jump Pad Available?

By Bruce Berkowitz, Parent Herald November 30, 09:30 am

In the new "Overwatch" new map release news, the Oasis map is now playable on the PTR and it features a jump pad for players looking for a new thrill. The new map also added automotive traffic that can kill players if they cross incoming vehicles.

According to PC Gamer, the Oasis map is one of the most advanced cities in the world of "Overwatch" that is based in the Arabian Desert. It's a symbol of human invention and researchers use the place as a springboard for scientific progress.

In a report posted on Polygon, "Overwatch" players can stay alive in the new Oasis map by navigating the roads very carefully. Another unique addition to the Oasis map are the jump pads that can transport players easily around the map to avoid traffic fatalities as stated in the "Overwatch" new map release news.

The overall quality of "Overwatch" is the reliance on its hero fighters that features a distinct set of personalities. As stated in a review in Gamespot, "Overwatch" features 21 different heroes and each of them has a unique design and skill set.

The abilities of the heroes set the stage for bursts of energies, explosions, and multidimensional fights. "Overwatch" balances the art of trying new tactics and at the same time mastering a single character as can be seen in the "Overwatch" new map release news.

For gamers to access the new Oasis map, they have to download the PTR version of "Overwatch" which can be downloaded for free. Other content changes are also available, like the new version of Symmetra.

The redesigned character of Symmetra has new skills that can be tested on the PC version of "Overwatch." The hero now has two unique ultimate abilities and the update will soon be released to all players, which will greatly level the playing field.

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