‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Air Date, News & Update: Michael Scofield Survives

By Sammuel Larson, Parent Herald November 30, 03:59 am

Hit TV series "Prison Break" announced its return to TV for Season 5 after a seven-year break. The highly anticipated comeback is set to hit television in spring of 2017.

"Prison Break" aired its Season 4 finale way back in the year 2010. Along with the show's return is the come-back of the fan favorite character Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller). Christian Today claimed that the death of Miller was believed to be the end of the show. But it turns out that we got the facts all wrong.

When the official announcement if the return of "Prison Break" for season five was publicly made, Fox TV chairman Dana Walden hinted that the return of Scofield is both likely and logical. When asked about his Scofield's return will be explained, Walden teasingly said that fans should be excited to find out on their own as per Coming Soon.

Speculations claim that Scofield's return for "Scorpion" Season 5 will be a key part of the season's plot. Rumors also suggest that a new villain will come to the show. The new antagonist will play an important role in the resolution of the questions and dilemmas left hanging in the season four finale.

With the introduction of new characters, reports also suggest the death of a major character. Ther are also speculations on the use of the poem entitled "Odyssey" by Homer as an inspiration in creating major parts of "Prison Break" Season five.

Regardless of the rumors on the series' inspiration, Fox promised that the return of "Prison Break" will maintain its level of uniqueness that attracted and hooked millions of die-hard fans. With rumors about Scofield's return and many other speculations surrounding the show, one thing is certain. Fans can expect a literal prison break in upon its return.

However, rumors about delays in the series also circulate, threatening the delay of the show's return. Regardless, fans are confident that it will be worth the wait. Are you excited for the return of "Prison Break" to your television?

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