Apple 10th Anniversary iPhone Is The Best iPhone Ever To Be Produced? [DETAILS HERE]

By Paul Urban, Parent Herald November 30, 02:59 am

2017 will mark iPhone's 10th anniversary. Apple 10th anniversary iPhone is believed to be the best iPhone as Apple is saving all the unique features and impressive specs for the 10th anniversary edition. It may be even called the iPhone 8, but knowing Apple, they may call it differently. Apple 10th anniversary iPhone is rumored to come in glass, even with a curved screen. What is it really?

According to The Mac Observer, the Apple 10th anniversary iPhone is believed to come with wireless charging capabilities. This is an exciting development as wireless charging capability means hassle-free charging. Convenience and comfort are definitely going to be the selling point for this phone.

The Apple 10th anniversary iPhone also may come in an all glass body around a metal frame. Talk about an extremely sleek style? This new design treatment is definitely going to make this phone a talk-of-the-town. Not many, if not, no phones are made with an all glass body. This will put Apple back in the market since iPhones have been recently not performing so well as expected.

Bezel-free edge-to-edge is expected for the Apple 10th anniversary iPhone to come with. A phone all screen, without wasting even a millimeter of space for bezels is again something that has not been done by any other phone manufacturers. People use their phones not only for calling and messaging, it is also for viewing and this should do it for them.

A 4K screen is only known to be found on TVs. Not this time for the Apple 10th anniversary iPhone. It is also expected to come with AMOLED 4K display. Videos and images are expected to be at its most crisp quality because of this feature.

As added by Mirror, to make the Apple 10th anniversary iPhone may even have a different logo. It is rumored that the logo "8" is crafted from circular bars in neon colors. This is something that has never been done by Apple. Neon has not been a favorite color of Apple so for it to be used is considered a breakthrough in itself.

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