‘Poldark’ Season 3 Spoilers: More Drama With Elizabeth-Ross-Demelza Triangle; Trailer & Photo Reveals Elizabeth’s Pregnant, Who’s The Father?

By Gerone Trish, Parent Herald November 30, 03:05 am

Fans are now anxious to know about how season 3 of "Poldark" will progress on the relationships of Elizabeth (Heida Reed) with Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) and with George Warleggan. Behind-the-scenes photos of "Poldark" season 3 teased Elizabeth has a baby bump. Who could possibly be the father of Elizabeth's child? Furthermore, Heida Reed teased in an earlier interview that season 3 of "Poldark" will have a more dramatic plot as more people get entangled in the love triangle of Elizabeth, Ross and Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson).

Filming of "Poldark" season 3 is progressing and Express UK has posted some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot in Cornwall, UK. Fans of "Poldark" can spot Elizabeth with a baby bump from the behind-the-scenes photos. The big question lingering in the minds of "Poldark" fans seems to have been confirmed by the photos. Elizabeth will be pregnant when "Poldark" returns for season 3.

In addition, the official Twitter account of "Poldark" has just published a first look video on the upcoming season 3 of "Poldark." The short clip also confirmed the pregnancy of Elizabeth.

"Poldark" season 3 will also feature Elizabeth to be Mrs. Warleggan, wife of banker George Warleggan. Being lawfully married to George Warleggan, Elizabeth's baby could be the fruit of their marriage.

However, fans of "Poldark" could not just discount the fact that the season 2 finale featured how Ross Poldark consummated his illicit affair with Elizabeth. Ross angrily made love with Elizabeth when Ross found out about Elizabeth's plan to marry George Warleggan. Will the upcoming season 3 feature the fruit of this "consensual sex" cliffhanger? Reports are now pointing to a potential love child of Elizabeth and Ross might be featured in the upcoming season 3 of "Poldark."

Meanwhile, "Poldark" season 3 will continue to explore the love triangle of Elizabeth, Ross and Demelza. In another report, Heida Reed revealed in an interview with ITV's Lorraine that fans of "Poldark" will see how the romance of Elizabeth and Ross will continue to progress in season 3.

Furthermore, Heida Reed teased that there will be other people who will be involved in the love triangle. However, Heida Reed did not define how the other people will get entangled in the triangle and to what extent they will make things more complicated. "Poldark" season 3 is yet to unveil how complicated the love triangle of Elizabeth, Ross and Demelza could be.

Moreover, Reed revealed that the illicit love affair of Elizabeth and Ross will definitely lead to some consequences. Fans of "Poldark" can expect more chaos and drama when the series returns for season 3.

"Poldark" season 3 will return in 2017 on BBC.

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