LG Found To Be Filing Trademarks For Four New Smart Watches And An "LG Watch Pay" [DETAILS HERE]

By John Ventura, Parent Herald November 30, 05:37 am

LG may not be roaring the headlines when compared to its rivals, but the South Korean tech firm knows how to handle issues and make the perfect timing for the industry to anticipate their next big move. Those in the know of things won't be surprised, but for the rest of the pack, LG has brewed something under our noses all this time.

Word has it that LG is preparing to launch not one, but four new Smart Watches and a payment system as the icing on the cake. Android Authority recently posted that the company was found by GSMinfo to be filing a trademark for the LG Watch Style, LG Watch Force, LG Watch Sole and the LG Watch Pro. In the "list of goods and services". the devices were described as "watches that communicate data to PDAs". Typically, it is a hands down description of what a Smart Watch does - users link the peripheral to their Smartphones so that data and other information are transferred to the watch.

Moreover, an LG Watch Pay was also found in the filing. According to Phone Arena, the payment scheme is LG's take on what Samsung and Apple have on their respective "Pay" options. Again, the name is fairly straightforward and so it the "mobile payment application (software) for smartphone" description.

Suffice to say, things are coming to shore for LG. The so-called LG Pay was previously announced by the company in hopes to "directly compete" with Samsung and Apple Pay. Their upcoming mobile device, the LG G6 might also be among those who will support the payment system as a stock inclusion. But while everything is fresh, there's no exact confirmation as to when the Smart Watches will be unveiled. As for the LG Pay, it should come out sometime next year since LG postponed its supposed launch in September.

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